At Kerstin Florian, we promote a fit, healthy lifestyle year-round, but as we are based in sunny Southern California, summer holds a special place in our fitness-minded hearts! Longer days, warmer temperatures, and proximity to beaches and mountains alike beckon us outdoors to enjoy hikes, cycling, swimming – even outdoor yoga and meditation. Here are some ways to make the most of outdoor fitness pursuits this season…for fit bodies and fit skin.1. Protect skin and body from overexposure.Despite best intentions, skin can burn, and bodies can overheat. Shield skin from UV rays with liberal amounts of sunscreen – most of us don’t use enough to achieve stated SPF, so slather it on, and reapply often. Always wear sunglasses with full filtration ratings to protect eyes. Make your own shade with hats and visors, and opt for activewear fabrics in light colors to wick away moisture and reflect rather than absorb light and heat.Sun protection product picks: Sun Protection SPF 30, Lip Balm SPF 15, Correcting Multi-Vitamin Day Crème SPF 302. Detoxify to keep nutrients and electrolytes balanced.Higher temps and outdoor activity means increased metabolism and perspiration. Of course, staying hydrated with lots of water is critical to avoid dehydration, but keep what’s coursing through your body as clean as possible with foods that help purify and detoxify. Kale, watercress, arugula and other dark leafy greens help our livers do their essential job of ridding our bodies of toxins – plus their high water, mineral and B vitamin content keep energy levels from flagging. Detoxifying minerals like magnesium are also well absorbed transdermally, so a cool mineral bath or body crème make great options.Detoxifying product picks: Mineral Wellness Soak, Remineralizing Body Crème, Clarifying Mood Mud Masque3. Increase the workout quotient of time outdoors. Multitasking doesn’t have to stop at the office. Walk barefoot on the beach – not only will your calf and leg workout get a boost, but the sand will naturally exfoliate your feet as well. Shorten daytime bike rides to avoid overheating, but keep the gears tighter to increase resistance and get the most out of even a short trip. Sign up for a park, forest or beach clean-up – you can incorporate lunges, squats and stretches and make a beautiful excursion even more rewarding. Multitasking product picks: Turkish Body Scrub (exfoliates+moisturizes), Correcting Complete Daily Cleanser (cleanses+tones), Correcting Brightening Facial Treatment (brightens+refines) 4. Replenish what summer takes out of you.Despite the enjoyment and energy summer provides us, it can drain us a bit too. Our bodies react differently to higher activity, exposure, daylight and heat levels, even if we don’t realize it. Sleep patterns can be affected; hydration levels need more replenishing; skin is assaulted by more UV rays and free radicals. Maintaining your daily schedule of meal and sleep times and adding blackout panels to windows can help keep body clocks regulated. Keep an extra pair of sunglasses, a tube of sunscreen and a bottle of water in your car, and wear lighter colors and layers for wide temperature swings. And don’t forget to hydrate, protect and replenish from the outside in with season-perfect skin and body careReplenishing product picks: Rehydrating Neroli Water, SUN Aloe Gel, Correcting Hyaluronic Serum5. Maintain your summer body and skin benefits.Just because temperatures drop (and they unfortunately, invariably will!) doesn’t mean the rewards of your summer skin and body regimen have to! Keep your glow with sunless tanner and body oil; maintain your sleek silhouette with stimulating slimming treatments, and most of all, snap lots of pics so you can reminisce and recapture that summer feeling all year long!Low-maintenance product picks: SUN Sunless Tan, Organic Neroli Blossom Bath & Body Oil, Correcting Body Slimming Solutions DuoHappy summer!In health & wellness, The Kerstin Florian International Team