Seasonal changes affect more than our wardrobes - they affect our skin and bodies as well! Summer in particular can bring a host of challenges, from sunburns and excess shine to dehydration and overheating. Regardless of the challenges summer may bring, the following tips are sure to leave you – and your skin & body – in season-perfect form!


We all have heard it before, but it bears repeating – drink at least 8 glasses of water a day! Our bodies are primarily made up of water, and that includes our skin. Proper levels need to be maintained for our systems to operate efficiently and optimally – and for our skin to look fresh and glowing. If you’re not a big fan of plain water, turn it into spa water by adding cucumber, mint, lemon slices, berries or rosemary. Get creative – and stay hydrated!


When temperatures rise – or when we get overheated or sunburned – a cool shower does more than feel good. It reduces inflammation and regulates body temperature. It also closes pores, locking in our skin’s natural moisture. In addition, cold baths have been part of spa hydrotherapy for years, including Kneipp therapy, in which hot and cold water are alternated. This improves circulation and oxygen levels, as well as invigorating the mind!


During the warmer months, our bodies tend to sweat more than usual. At the same time, our bodies are constantly rejuvenating and creating new skin cells. So what happens to the old ones? Healthy skin usually takes care of sloughing most of them, but seasonal changes can dehydrate skin and slow the turnover process. Combined with increased perspiration, this can result in dry, dull looking skin or even breakouts. Boost your skin’s natural exfoliation process by using a scrub 2-3 times per week. Our summertime picks? Clarifying Exfoliating Scrub for face, and Correcting Brightening Body Scrub for body.


This healing wonder plant has an endless list of summer-perfect uses. Not only does it reduce the pain of an accidental sunburn, but it can also be used as a moisturizer. Since it is lightweight and absorbs quickly without added oils, it is the perfect shine-free choice for a hot summer day. Our Aloe Gel takes the benefits of aloe up a notch by adding allantoin, arnica and algae – the ultimate combination to leave skin soft, smooth and weightlessly refreshed.


Even a short stint outdoors without sunscreen, especially during summertime, can cause the type of long-term damage that leads to skin cancer. After all, sunscreen isn’t just for the’s also for the future you! Shielding skin from overexposure or harmful rays, now and always, is critical to prevent damaged skin, dark spots and other signs of aging caused by photodamage. Regularly apply Correcting Multi-Vitamin Day Crème SPF 30 & Sun Protection SPF 30 to keep your skin looking best in the years to come.


Summer heat might make it easier to relax poolside instead of partaking in exercise activities, but don’t let it become a habit. Regular exercise is essential all year round, for both your skin and your overall wellbeing. Instead of foregoing your workout, opt for exercise options that beat the heat – like swimming, indoor cycling classes, or early morning/late evening walks when temps are lower. To cool down after a summertime workout, spritz yourself with chilled Rehydrating Neroli Water to keep you cool and refreshed.

Every season has its challenges – weather-, wardrobe- and skincare-wise! These simple tips make summer skin easier to manage so you can focus on the fun, family and friends that summer brings.

Wishing you wellness,

The Kerstin Florian Team