The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and most delicate on our faces, so it’s no wonder that our eyes are typically the first place to show signs of aging. As we age, our bodies produce less moisture and collagen. Add in everyday stressors that can lead to wrinkles, redness, dryness and puffiness, and our eye areas quickly become the “age zone” that requires the most special attention and care. Following just a few steps everyday – and using natural yet effective ingredients that don’t irritate sensitive eyes – can help reduce the signs of aging and mitigate the unwanted effects of stress to help keep your eyes looking smooth and youthful. 

The most important step actually occurs at the end of the day – removing eye makeup. It’s important to look to products that are not overly oily as this may block small pores and cause eye irritation. Rehydrating Eye Make-Up Remover is a gentle dual-phase formula that effortlessly removes even waterproof eye makeup without irritation, leaving skin clean and silky. Conditioning agents like panthenol, or Provitamin B5, conditions, moisturizes and leaves delicate eye skin and lashes soft, supple and hydrated. 
Once the eye area is clean and makeup free, it needs to be treated. A little eye cream goes a long way in reviving skin and helping to combat the signs of aging. If fine lines and wrinkles are your primary concern, Rehydrating Liposome Eye Crème is a gentle yet effective daily eye treatment that uses advanced peptides and liposomes to deliver time-released moisture. This crème is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin, as it combines potent antioxidant protection and anti-inflammatory botanicals to deliver moisturizing and anti-aging benefits on contact, working to minimize existing fine lines and inhibit new ones from forming. 
If your concerns include puffiness and dark circles, Correcting Brightening Eye Crème makes for an ideal all-around eye treatment. This advanced fast-absorbing formula targets the top 3 eye-area aging concerns – expression lines, dark circles and puffiness – by providing immediate and long-term hydration as well as boosting radiance and smoothness. Clinical studies show that just two months of use result in up to a 19% reduction in dark circles and a 39% improvement in wrinkle depth. 
For a more instant effect, depuff and refresh eyes in minutes with Correcting Eye Rescue Eye Pads. These soothing, algae-based pads are clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles, increase hydration and plump lines in just one application to reveal instantly younger-looking eyes. Ideal for pre- or post-party, travel and special events, this all-natural eye treatment provides visible wrinkle reduction, hydration and brightness. Soothing Neroli Wateractivates pads infused with nutrient-rich Laminaria Digitata algae to deliver revitalizing amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements on contact. Clinically proven to stimulate collagen, rehydrate and reduce redness and inflammation, the results are dramatic and immediate. 
Last few tips to keep your eyes protected: always wear sunglasses; use a sunscreen to avoid the effects of harsh UV rays, and get your beauty sleep as it helps skin replenish its natural health and beauty. These simple products and steps will keep your eyes youthful, bright and glowing.