Your skin is always busy—busy making new skin cells, that is. However, you can’t see this new, younger-looking skin if it’s hidden under older layers. Our skin exfoliates itself naturally, but this process slows as we age and can be further affected by factors like weather or cosmetic products.

Boost your skin cell turnover by exfoliating a few times each week – and you’ll in turn boost the efficacy of your skin care products. Older surface layers act as a barrier that prevents ingredients from penetrating deeply into your skin. By exfoliating them away, such ingredients can be absorbed more readily into your skin and thus provide their maximum benefits—meaning what you thought was already the best cream for wrinkles will become even more effective.

Here are a few easy at-home exfoliants that will take your skin care results to the next level.

Clarifying Exfoliating Scrub

This creamy scrub uses physical exfoliation – meaning a manual scrubbing motion – with beads from the jojoba plant to buff away dead skin cells and surface impurities. This sturdy desert shrub has become a valuable source of oils and ingredients for skin care formulations, and its non-abrasive seeds make it an ideal exfoliant. This scrub is also bolstered by lactic acid, which reacts with skin cells to remove surface debris and promote cell turnover. Meanwhile, chamomile extract soothes and calms the skin to prevent inflammation or irritation.

Correcting Intensive Renewal Glycolic 15

Exfoliating doesn’t only come from scrubbing your skin—some ingredients are applied to the skin and allowed to work on contact or over time. For example, the glycolic acid in this product renews the skin as you sleep, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation as it removes surface cells. This formula also contains sodium hyaluronate, which attracts and binds moisture to your skin to keep it plump and smooth looking. Meanwhile, natural extracts from lemon, grapefruit, orange, and chamomile provide soothing and toning benefits.

Correcting At-Home Professional Peel

Textured pads soaked in a powerful combination of five acids means this best-seller combines the benefits of physical and chemical exfoliation to immediately yet gently uncover younger, fresher skin. This pro-strength formula includes glycolic and lactic acids which promote skin turnover; salicylic acid, which relieves congested pores and inhibits bacteria; phytic acid, which boosts skin’s brightness; and oleanic acid, whose anti-inflammatory properties soothe the skin.

Rounding out this powerhouse ingredient list is Matrixyl 3000, a peptide complex that reduces the depth of wrinkles and smooths the skin for overall improvement in skin function. With this product in your arsenal, professional-level results are literally at your fingertips.

So take a tip from spa skin care experts and add exfoliation to your skin care regimen one to three times a week. Not only will it instantly refresh your complexion, but it also supports healthier skin function and cellular respiration by removing dead surface cells and debris. And what’s more? The resulting improvement in absorption of beneficial skin care ingredients means that all of your other skin care products can perform at their best too!


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