When it comes to premature skin aging, stress and sun exposure are probably the first things that come to mind – and rightfully so. You are wise to consider mitigating both of those to keep your complexion looking its best. However, there are other things that can cause wrinkles to appear on your skin much earlier than normal, which can be avoided in varying degrees but managed regardless.

Digital Overload

Looking at screens – computer, television, phone, tablet – for hours each day can cause more than eye strain. It can also lead to expression lines around eyes and brows from squinting, looking intently and even frowning without realizing it. Even looking down at handheld devices as much as we do isn’t good for neck or jowl areas. Take a technology timeout at least once every hour or two. Take a few deep breaths, do some facial and jaw stretches, close your eyes and clear your mind for a moment. It will show on your face.

Lack of Sleep

With schedules – work and home alike – more impacted than ever, getting in the requisite seven or eight hours of shuteye can be a challenge. However, research shows that lack of sleep can increase the likelihood of getting fine lines by up to 45 percent. And quality of sleep matters as well – fitful or interrupted sleep doesn’t give your body, including your skin, the time it needs to renew and restore itself. In short, if you deprive yourself of sleep, you may also be depriving yourself of youthful-looking skin. Do your best to maintain a routine so your body gets used to slumber at a regular time, and disconnect from the day’s pressures and gadgets at least an hour before retiring to help ensure your mind slows down sufficiently for deep sleep.

Over Exfoliating

The instant radiance and healthy glow you get from exfoliating may tempt you to want to do it more and more often. When it comes to skin care, this is a prime example of “too much of a good thing.” Boosting your skin’s natural exfoliation process – which slows as we age – a couple of times a week is great for your skin. However, any more than that and you risk thinning out your skin, weakening the epidermis and leaving skin crepey and more susceptible to wrinkles. When it comes to exfoliants, heed your esthetician’s advice and use as directed.

High Sugar Diet

A sweet treat every now and then is not a problem, but consuming too much sugar can wreak havoc on your skin. High sugar levels are known to cause glycation, a process that compromises the integrity of the collagen in your skin. As you might know, collagen is a protein that acts as your skin’s structural net, keeping it firm and smooth. Should this be damaged, you may develop wrinkled, sagging skin prematurely. Avoid processed or refined sugars as much as possible, eat even homemade or organic desserts in moderation and opt for small portions of dried fruit, dark chocolate or green smoothies to satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your skin.


For city dwellers especially, pollution is a fact of life. However, the smog and car emissions you encounter each day aren’t just bad for your health in general; they are detrimental to your skin, too.These environmental pollutants cause oxidative stress to the skin, which triggers the creation of free radicals—harmful substances that hasten cellular aging. Pollution can also magnify the effect of UV exposure to your skin, further promoting the early appearance of wrinkles. In this case, the best skin care advice includes an anti-aging moisturizer with broad spectrum sunscreen and a healthy dose of antioxidant vitamins.

Frequent Flying

Many people dream of a jet set lifestyle, but travel can take a toll on our skin. For example, flying means increased exposure to UV radiation. If you’re in the window seat, you’re receiving an extra hefty dose of wrinkle-causing UV rays. What’s more, being inside an aircraft cabin tends to dry out your skin. Staying moisturized and hydrated from the inside out with lots of fluids and outside in with moisturizers and facial mists can combat these effects.

It may sound daunting, but you need not live in fear of all the wrinkle-causing factors in your daily life. These simple tips will go a long way – as well quality anti-aging skin care. Our pick for the best wrinkle cream to fend off the damage these sneaky wrinkle-causers can do? Correcting Multi-Vitamin Day Crème SPF 30. This nutrient-rich formula fortifies skin, replenishes moisture and repels free radicals and harmful UV rays with each creamy, aromatic application.


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