In a “post metrosexual” world, men are more conscious of their overall health, wellbeing and appearance. As a result, the male skin care market has seen significant growth – and for good reason. Skin health is critical to overall health, and taking regular care of it is a must regardless of gender. Still, most of us – and especially men – don’t want to have to invest extra time, effort or money into a daunting, multi-step regimen to care for our skin.

Enter skin serum. In a nutshell, a serum is a highly concentrated liquid that contains a potent dose of performance ingredients. With smaller molecules and higher percentage of actives, it is able to deliver rejuvenating ingredients deeper into your skin compared to lotion- or cream-based products. As such, you get much faster results despite using just one product—a boon for those of us who value quickness and efficiency!

It quite literally takes seconds to apply. For best results, smooth serum onto face and neck after cleansing (or toning if you tone!). You can even mix serum with your regular moisturizer – or use a hydrating serum on its own.

Of course, a serum is only as good as the ingredients it contains. Here are some standouts to look for:

Raspberry Cell Culture

Cell cultures are a most effective plant cell technology, encapsulating the best elements of the botanical in a way that can be consistently replicated. This powerful ingredient rejuvenates skin at a cellular level, promoting DNA repair and reducing inflammation, making it ideal for after waxing or shaving.

Larch Extract

The evergreen tree extract is known to effectively attract and retain moisture – and moisturized skin looks more plump and supple, making existing fine lines less obvious. Furthermore, it is also more pliant and thus less prone to developing new wrinkles.

Berry Extracts

Berries are a natural source of antioxidants and they can do wonders for your skin outside or in. For starters, they combat skin-aging free radicals in your body. They can also reinforce the skin’s cellular matrix for more youthful skin, and boost skin’s natural protection mechanism against sun damage.

You can find all of these skin-healthy actives in Clarifying BerryPlus Repair Serum. These benefits, combined with a lightweight, refreshing feel, make this an ideal choice for any skin type – or gender.

Healthier more youthful-looking skin appeals to all of us, men and women alike. The proper skincare products – especially one as quick, easy and potent as a skin serum – will help us achieve it.


You Should Be Using a Serum. Here’s Why…,