Here in this US, it is the season of Thanksgiving. Time for family gatherings, holiday traditions and sharing meals, all set in a scene of turning leaves and dropping temperatures. Sometimes, however, the meaning of the holiday falls by the wayside. Busily shopping, chopping, cooking, decorating, cleaning – and even the looming onset of more holidays to come – keeps us so preoccupied that the joy and reflection of giving thanks gets lost in the shuffle. Gratitude is one of the most fulfilling emotions we can experience – and express. So this year, let’s make a pact to put giving and showing thanks front and center with these simple ideas.1 - Thank a hostessAnyone who has attended a Thanksgiving meal can see the effort, planning and love that goes into it. And how all that work seems to be gone within minutes of sitting down to eat! While a bottle of wine or pie are lovely and useful, why not supplement with something special just for the hostess or host? Something that eases stress or uplifts mood or speaks to a particular interest he or she might have – the point being for him or her to feel recognized and appreciated a little bit each time it is used. Some suggestions from our range? Organic Calm Mind aromatherapy oil, Rehydrating Neroli Water, Lavender Eye Pillow.2 - Thank the earthNo, this is not going outside and hugging a tree – although admiring nature is certainly a way to show thanks for our world! This is a more functional strategy to simply be less wasteful. First of all, only buy what you need when grocery shopping for the big Thanksgiving dinner – or anytime for that matter. It is easy to impulse shop for things that look good at the time, but end up spoiling before you can get to them – especially during a season of entertaining and being entertained! After the meal, use leftover potatoes for casseroles, rolls for croutons, turkey bones for bone broth, veggies for omelets or frittatas. Anything that reduces waste is a way to show the earth how thankful we are for its resources and sustenance.3 - Thank a friendOur friends are our friends for a reason – chances are they know you love and value them, and the feeling is mutual. But it is certainly nice to hear or feel appreciation in a more direct way every once in a while, not to mention unexpectedly. Why not demonstrate how much a friend means to you with a token of gratitude – a handwritten note, a funny card, something you know they’ve been wanting to try or read or listen to, a basket of fruit or flowers. It will not only brighten the friend’s day, but yours as well – such is the rewarding cycle of thankfulness.4 - Thank yourselfWe can’t be or share with others our best selves if we don’t care for ourselves. Taking – or making – opportunities to stop, reflect, absorb and consider our blessings feeds our souls and inspires us to create more goodness in our lives. One way to make it easier to take a pause for relaxation and restoration is to schedule a spa-at-home evening. Light a candle, play soft music and take a mineral soak in a warm bath. Focus your thoughts on all the senses -- the warmth, the sounds, the scents and light, then turn them to things you have to be thankful for, as small or as big as they may be. And most of all, be thankful for yourself. It builds your inner strength and peace to recognize your own importance in your life, your choices, and the lives of others. You can even remind yourself daily in inspiring and fun ways like sporting our Mantra shirt or tote, subscribing to daily inspirational or humorous email, or setting your phone alarm with a message to yourself – the goal to bring a smile to your face.The true beauty of gratitude, like the beauty of giving, is that you can give it, feel it, use it and indulge in it without taking anything away from yourself or anyone else. In fact, quite the opposite.  Joy begets joy, gratitude begets gratitude, giving begets giving, selflessness begets selflessness. What a beautiful cycle to be part of and perpetuate at Thanksgiving and always!Wishing you wellness,The Kerstin Florian Team