Summer months call for more getaways, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with our usual skincare routines when we’re traveling. Plus those pesky size requirements mean we often have to leave our favorites behind. Luckily you can keep your complexion together on the go by keeping these TSA-approved skincare essentials in your carry-on. 

Environmental skin stressors increase the moment you begin your trek to the airport and continue as your skin acclimates to its new surroundings. Keep your skin fresh from climate to climate with Rejuvenating Cleansing Gel. This botanical formula infused with rose flower oil deeply yet gently cleanses to lift impurities and surface debris, leaving you with a vibrantly clean complexion ready for any itinerary.  

We all know traveling can take a lot out of you, but that’s especially true when it comes to hydration. Flying exposes skin to dry, recirculated air. Quench thirsty skin and combat cabin pressure with Rejuvenating 24-Hour Moisture Crème. Formulated with all natural high-performance botanicals, this moisturizer works double time to deliver a lasting dose of hydration and anti-aging to keep skin looking fresh and youthful.  

Never be without sunscreen with travel-size Correcting Multi-Vitamin Day Crème with SPF 30. This lightweight, nutrient-rich formula with natural broad-spectrum sun protection shields UV rays, free radicals and environmental stressors when traveling or at home. Antioxidants and active botanicals give you a luminous complexion while mineral-based sunscreen provides lasting protection on the go. 

When your skin needs a little extra moisture boost you can’t go wrong with Rehydrating Neroli Water. Our iconic, unique floral water from bitter orange blossom soothes and hydrates dry skin, making it perfect for spritzing anywhere your travels take you, especially mid-flight.  

Some trips end up requiring a little more self-care. Delayed flights, lost luggage, unpredictable weather, just to name a few, can leave you and your skin feeling stressed out and exhausted. Correcting Eye Rescue Sachet travel pack is small in size but has a BIG impact! Dubbed a game changer amongst celebrity makeup artists, these all-natural algae-based pads instantly refresh and soothe tired eyes, visibly reducing wrinkles and puffiness and enhancing brightness. We suggest using Neroli Water to activate the nutrient-rich Laminaria Digitata algae in the pads to deliver revitalizing amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements on contact. Clinically-proven to stimulate collagen, rehydrate and reduce redness and inflammation in just one use, these are the perfect, instantaneous travel refresher. 

Replenish your skin even further with Rejuvenating Spirulina Masque. A powerful blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and proteins in this superfood treatment improve the look and feel of dull skin. Mineral-rich Laminaria and Chlorella work together to promote circulation and detoxification to leave complexion healthy and youthful looking. It is the ultimate skin boost for long or even short travels.  

With these mini must-haves in your carry-on, your skin – and skincare routine – can withstand whatever tolls travel may take, from harsh climate conditions and dehydration to pollution and sun exposure, and stay looking and feeling its best. Happy traveling!