Thick skin may be a euphemism for handling hardship with aplomb, but strong skin is a must for a beautiful complexion. Its first line of defense? Your skin barrier—otherwise known as stratum corneum. This layer acts as a security system that prevents impurities from passing through to the skin’s pores and cells where they can do damage. Hence, repairing and fortifying this layer is critical to keeping your overall complexion healthy.

Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to achieve just that:

Use the Right Products

There are many products available that claim to fortify your skin barrier. A proven option is hyaluronic acid serum, which not only deeply hydrates your skin, but also helps repair your skin barrier. Our pick? Correcting Hyaluronic Serum, which is further supplemented by natural extracts that tone and smooth your skin.

Exfoliate Sparingly

The skin is always busy creating new skin cells, but this fresh layer of skin won’t see the light of day if it’s buried under old layers. That’s why exfoliation is a must if you want to have younger looking skin. However, don’t go overboard and exfoliate daily—you might end up damaging your skin – and its barrier – instead. Two to three times a week is plenty to boost your skin’s natural exfoliation cycle without going overboard.

No Soaps

Most skincare routines start with facial cleansing, so be sure to select your face wash carefully. As much as possible, avoid products that contain detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate, which strips the skin of natural oils, and leaves your skin barrier dry and irritated. Furthermore, they can cause imbalances in your skin’s pH levels, making it more alkaline—something that can disrupt the skin’s natural processes including barrier function.

Tepid Water Only Please

While a hot bath or shower can be a relaxing way to cap off the day, do note that excessive heat can be damaging to your skin. To avoid weakening your skin barrier, make sure to use tepid water, whether you are taking a shower or simply washing your face.

Minimize Stress

Wrinkles are probably the first skin issue associated with stress, but in reality it can also weaken your skin barrier. This is because stress causes the skin’s nerve endings to release neuropeptides, which act as your complexion’s first line of defense. When your skin is in constant alert mode, it continually releases neuropeptides to the point that takes its toll over time. Take time to breathe, meditate, put things in perspective. An easy way to take a mental break anytime? Rub a few drops of Organic Calm Mind between palms and inhale deeply. The aromatherapy works wonders to relieve tension.

Control Your Allergies

If you have allergies, do your best to identify and mitigate them. Breakouts, flareups, and other effects of allergies can affect your skin barrier, weakening it and making it more vulnerable to future skin problems. While food allergies are triggered by what you eat, allergies can also be caused by environmental factors. Get to know your triggers and avoid them as much as possible.

The skin is your body’s largest organ and often acts as the body’s first line of defense against the elements and pathogens. The stronger the skin barrier is, the healthier your skin will be – so don’t skimp when it comes to caring for it! Give it the special attention it deserves, and it will show in your healthiest complexion.



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