As part of our ongoing blog series highlighting and educating about the four cornerstones of wellness – proper nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind and care of the face and body – we are pleased and proud to bring you this installment written by Jodi Guber, founder and visionary of Beyond Yoga, a yoga-inspired lifestyle brand dedicated to inspiring body positivity among today’s women and girls. Read on to hear how yoga guided her on a journey of wellness, self-acceptance and joy.***Jodi on Yoga, Body Image and WellnessYoga is more than a practice or a teaching -- it is a way of life -- my way of life.  It is how you treat people --- how you relate to yourself and others, how you feel about yourself and what you project.  And it prepared me for my brand and business as well as my body positivity journey.Both of my parents have been doing yoga since I was a little girl.  Alan Finger, a prolific teacher was their Yogi - so it was around me my whole life and probably impacted me in various ways by osmosis -- but I rediscovered it on my own as an adult just out of college.  I had grown up around the entertainment industry - struggling with the desire to "fit in" or fit the mold of Hollywood.  I struggled with finding self-acceptance which was a long process for me. Yoga was a big part of that process. The more I practiced and learned, the more I saw the benefits and transformations -- not just physically in terms of my strength, agility, and flexibility but by mental fortitude, focus, well-being, overall health and disposition.While I have always been active and approached wellness and fitness through a full range of activities (enjoying Pilates, dance, swimming, tennis, etc;), yoga was more my lifestyle than just a physical activity. Seane Corn was an amazing mentor and an incredible teacher who really inspired me. She helped me shine the light that led me to the path to become a teacher.   I had many careers - from being an agent in the entertainment business and owning a PR and event company to being the west coast editor for MODE Magazine (a plus size magazine that launched before it's time) all before becoming a yoga teacher and life coach.I was good at it, I enjoyed it and the extensive teacher training further developed my connection to my practice and heightened my passion and understanding as a practitioner.  There was the physical learning, but more importantly the mental and emotional connection and an overall lifestyle and wellness component, especially to the limbs of yoga.  I related to the spiritual, ethical standards of yoga that were key to integrity, focus, grounding and behavior. It influenced how I wanted to conduct myself in practice, business and life. Yoga gave me the ability to feel whole and centered and it gave me the foundation for clarity that helped me reach my goals.I guess I realized at some point that yoga actually helped me understand that everything I did prepared me for my brand and business.  And like anything - if you approach it with intention and the right mind set it will provide the pathway to achieve and receive the maximum benefits. Without sounding corny - it opened my mind to what the possibilities could be for me. I knew I wanted to combine my passions in business including: health and wellness, fitness, fashion and body positivity for women.  So from that simple Idea 12 years ago, I gave birth to Beyond Yoga -- a fashion - fitness - lifestyle brand for women of all sizes and shapes. I wanted to pay it forward and help women look good and take control in an active lifestyle with comfort, ease and style.It was about body positivity from its inception - but I did not have the bandwidth to focus on the messaging or spread the word when we first started Beyond Yoga. Back then I was just trying to get products made and sold, focusing on everything from design and manufacturing to stores, marketing, PR, shipping and all the rest.  Now I have a full team at Beyond Yoga and we are a full lifestyle brand.  I can focus on the personal mission and the body positivity movement.  I am personally working with the organizations “I Am That Girl” and the “All Women Project” to promote body positivity.  I use social media, our models and imagery, and our campaigns to inspire "All Kinds of Beauty" to be their best selves and love their bodies.For me body positivity was not as much a struggle of weight as it was to feel good about myself and love myself. I found along with wellness came treating myself better.  With treating myself better, loving myself more and creating a healthy connection to my own wellness, I could make better choices.  Yoga helped me get there.  Better choices surfaced in all facets of my life that helped me love myself at any size.I am still on my journey, often engaging intuitives, astrologers, spiritual guides to continue down my path - and discover new directions in my pursuit of continued health, healing, balance and wellness.  But one thing will not change.  My calling with Beyond Yoga  - and beyond that, with my life - is to support the mental and physical health of girls and women by continuing to increase their wellness, self-confidence and cultivating positive body image.Jodi on Kerstin FlorianThe Kerstin Florian philosophy embraces self care and acceptance – which aligns with my mission and passion. Yoga is my way to incorporate regular exercise as part of my wellness program – and Kerstin Florian bath and body products are a perfect way to incorporate quality body care into to my regimen.FAVORITE KERSTIN FLORIAN PRODUCTTurkish Body Scrub and Mineral Wellness Soak are the BEST for relaxation and skin care. Perfect finish to a yoga session – they relax your mind as well as replenish your body.***What a wonderful reminder that health and fitness, happiness and self-love are so intimately intertwined and work in concert to create the foundation of overall wellness! Many thanks to Jodi for her inspirational life pursuit and for sharing it with us.Wishing you wellness!The Kerstin Florian Team