15 Apr
Put a Little Spring in Your Skincare Steps!
Optimism in a Bottle
It’s that time of year to open the windows, breathe in the freshness of a spring breeze and feel the renewing optimism that a new season brings. And the return of our iconic Natural Rehydrating Neroli Water offers the perfect mood-boosting refresher to complement the occasion! This modern yet timeless upgrade to spa’s favorite skin hydrator pairs uplifting bitter orange blossom essence with skin-loving peptides and probiotics to provide natural rejuvenation for skin and spirit alike.
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23 Dec
Wintertime Tips for Skin, Body, Bath
‘Tis the Season - to Boost Immunity!

During colder months, pathogens like cold and flu abound - as does the added stress of the holidays. Simple steps can help us fend off these aggressors - like getting enough sleep and exercise, taking mental breaks throughout the day, and increasing our intake of vitamins and minerals. Why not do it while you’re relaxing in the bath or moisturizing your skin? A warm bath in Mineral Wellness Soak not only eases mind and muscles, it also provides minerals like magnesium and potassium transdermally to support healthy sleep and body function. Finish with a relaxing self-massage with Remineralizing Body Crème and an all-over body mist with ANDA Coherence Elixir to optimize nutrient levels, absorption and immunity-boosting benefits.
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22 Dec
Reflecting on 2020: Sowing the Seeds of a Wellness Comeback
“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” ― Molière

“Don't give up - it's not over! The universe is balanced. Every setback bears with it the seeds of a comeback.” ― Steve Maraboli

From Moliere to Maraboli, mankind has always mused on life’s challenges and how to face them. And 2020 certainly seems to have handed out more than its fair share.

However, challenge doesn’t have to equal defeat, nor does it have to define this year or any other. Often what emerges from challenge is our best self – whether shown by a degree of courage or perseverance we never thought possible, or simply noticing the beauty of a winter sunset or dewdrop on a flower when you might not have before.
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15 Sep
Skin & Body Care to FALL For
Relaxing Spa Therapy at Home

Traditional spa aromatherapy meets clean, modern, all-natural body care just when we need it most. The Chamomile extract in this daily body care essential soothes and calms the senses from the moment it glides on. Meanwhile, organic Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil and long-lasting emollients offer a uniquely lightweight feel with deeply moisturizing results, ideal for the lingering heat and unpredictable conditions of fall. Natural Chamomile Body Lotion accompanies Natural Chamomile Body Spray and Chamomile Shower/Bath Gel in our Chamomile Collection create the ultimate spa-at-home experience.
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15 Sep
Summer Skin & Body Care in 4 Simple Steps
More Than A Skin Soother

Did you know? Lavender oil is not only soothing, but also naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing and detoxifying. More than just a pretty scent, this essential oil is too beneficial to pass up, especially in summer when we are outdoors soaking up Vitamin D. Soothe, protect and soften skin post-sun and any time with our Natural Lavender Body Spray. This all-natural, dry-oil mist infused with calming lavender oil is ideal for instant nourishment and hydration that leaves skin smooth, glowing and softly scented.
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15 Sep
4 Tips for Spring Skincare Renewal
Ancient Beauty Ritual Not Just For Face

Did you know Gua sha is not just for face, but for body as well? The genuine jade in our Jade Gua Sha Instant Lift has similar energetic and ultrasonic properties to the human body to offer optimal wellness benefits. Whether you are struggling with tension, puffiness, or inflammation, Gua Sha Instant Lift will help visibly firm, smooth and contour your body. For additional benefits, glide and ease of use, apply a body oil before performing Gua Sha. Organic Neroli Blossom Bath & Body Oil combines Neroli essential oil and Rosemary extract to create a silky, nutrient-rich blend that deeply and aromatically nourishes, moisturizes and protects skin.
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