We could all use a spa escape from time to time, but with our busy schedules and commitments, we aren’t always able to treat ourselves to a full day at a spa. But that doesn’t mean we can’t create a spa day at home! Read on for how to put a few of our luxurious products for body and face, plus a few little touches, to use in the comfort of your own home to make you feel like you’re at a 5-star spa.   

First, set the mood with soft lighting and relaxing music. (Tip: Spotify has some great “Spa Day” playlists.) Next, no spa day would be complete without some fruit- and herb-infused spa water. We love infusing water with mint and pineapple, grapefruit and rosemary or blackberry and basil to stay hydrated with flavor, style and a little extra nutrition! Once the scene is set, get started with these favorite at-home treatments and some helpful how to’s. 

Body peels may seem like the ultimate spa day splurge, but with Correcting Brightening Body Peel, you can experience a full-body treatment that instantly reveals visibly smoother, softer, brighter skin at home. These pre-moistened body peel cloths are infused with exfoliating acids and botanical enzymes to give you the glow of a professional treatment. 


Sweep cloth across clean, dry skin, concentrating on arms, legs, décolleté or other areas of dryness, dullness or concern. After 3-5 minutes, rinse skin thoroughly with water to neutralize peel, and pat dry. 

Follow your peel with a relaxing mineral bath. The concentrated, powerful salts in our Mineral Wellness Soak are truly a transformative wellness experience. One of Earth's most pristine natural treasures, these hand-harvested mineral crystals elevate the bath to a detoxifying, remineralizing, muscle-relieving wellness treatment. Its rare balance of 60 essential minerals and trace elements, including magnesium and potassium, deeply nourishes, purifies and rebalances the body. 


Pour approximately 1/4 cup of salts into warm water (95-100 degrees F) when first drawing the bath. Soak for 10-20 minutes. To enhance the experience with aromatherapy, add a small amount of Eucalyptus Bath or one of our Organic Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oils to the water to soothe skin and senses as you steep. Choose Lavender for calming, Ginger for muscle-relief, Neroli Blossom for uplifting, or new Grapefruit Black Pepper for detoxifying.

Follow up your peel and bath with Remineralizing Body Crème. Rich in essential mineral salts, this soothing crème is perfect after Mineral Wellness Soak. This crème helps relieve the feeling of tired, aching muscles and joints by replenishing minerals as it moisturizes the skin. 

For the ultimate at-home face treatment, reach for the Correcting at-home professional peel. This powerful yet gentle, soothing botanical and multi-acid complex peel works to instantly brighten and refine complexion. Immediate exfoliating action removes impurities, excess oil and dry cells to reveal smoother, more radiant skin. Skin function is improved, and fine lines and pores are diminished.


Gently sweep pad across cleansed face, neck, décolleté and backs of hands. Avoid eye area. Wait 3 minutes, rinse skin thoroughly with water to neutralize peel, and pat dry. Protect and hydrate skin post-treatment with Correcting Multi-Vitamin Day Crème SPF 30 or Correcting Rescue Crème.

So book an at-home spa day to refresh and rejuvenate from head-to-toe with these amazing treatments. Your face and body will thank you!