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Day 2 – Drink more water

We have all heard to drink our eight daily glasses, but did you know water can come from foods as well? Watermelon, celery, cucumber – all are great sources of hydration, as well as great ways to flavor water to create your own spa water at home! .After all, loving what you’re drinking or eating makes it much easier to take in!

Why drink water? Water is the lubrication that keeps our body working, moving, functioning like it should. It keeps our cells hydrated, our skin plump, our eyes bright, and more – so the question really becomes, why not drink water??

You can also hydrate and refresh from the outside in with facial waters like our iconic, uplifting and aromatic Neroli Water, or our cell-harmonizing structured water, ANDA Coherence Elixir. Both leave skin moist, soft and dewy as well as improving skin wellness and hydration levels.

Tip: If eight glasses seems like a lot for a day, you might be right…many glasses, mugs and bottles actually have much higher capacity than 8 ounces. Take the time to measure your drinking vessel – if it’s 16 ounces, you only need 4 refills each day!


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