Auto Replenish


Never run out of your favorite Kerstin Florian products!  By signing up for our Auto Replenish service, you no longer need to worry about not having your must-have products! You will receive a recurring 15% savings on each Auto Replenish order (including the first order) plus free ground shipping on all your recurring orders. Start by choosing your delivery interval. You can choose from 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 months. We give you many options to provide a perfect interval tailored to your product usage!


You can manage all your product subscriptions by clicking on the “My Account” button at the top of the website. Once you login, you will see “Subscriptions” on the left hand side towards the bottom. Here, you can change your delivery interval, skip your next delivery if you are not quite ready for it or cancel the subscription all together. You are never billed until the order ships!


You can manage the credit card used for replenishment orders by clicking on the “My Account” button at the top of the website. Once you login, look for 2 sections: “Dashboard” and “Subscriptions” on the left hand side. First, add your new credit card to the “Dashboard” section. Once that is successfully added, you can go to “Subscriptions” and add that card to your subscriptions by clicking “Payment & Shipping” on each subscription you wish to change. You can see these steps in the below screenshots:

step one changing cc info copy
step two changing cc info copy


You can cancel your Auto Replenish service at any time by logging into your account dashboard on our website and selecting “Subscriptions” in the menu on the left. Click the link that says “Stop” for the product you would no longer like to receive through our Auto Replenish service. If you have any trouble cancelling your Auto Replenish service you can call us at (888) KERSTIN, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. PST or send your questions to