Day 6 – Have a family dinner

There’s nothing quite like connecting over a shared meal with the people you love. It’s a simple activity that when done consistently provides a tremendous amount of wellness benefits to everyone involved at any age or stage of life.

Family mealtime can:

·      provide a sense of family unity and identity.
·      ensure regular face-to-face communication and interaction.
·      offer time to unplug, put away phones and focus on one another.
·      be an opportunity to celebrate life’s little victories, giving and receiving support and encouragement.

And “family” can also include close friends and loved ones. Even if you can’t physically be together, technology has made it possible to “connect” with face-to-face time even miles apart.

Gather your close friends and have a virtual Gua Sha girls’ night with healthy snacks to nosh on while you’re pampering and sculpting your skin (and sharing about your day).

Tip: Try a consistent “game” at mealtime that allows each member a time to share the highs and lows of their day.