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    Clarifying Exfoliating Scrub

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    Clarifying Moor Mud Masque

  3. Skincare

    Clarifying BerryPlus Repair Serum

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    Rejuvenating 24-Hour Moisture Crème

  5. Skincare

    Rejuvenating Starter Trio

  6. Skincare

    Rehydrating Starter Trio

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    Clarifying Starter Trio

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    Rejuvenating Cleansing Gel

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    Rehydrating Neroli Cleansing Milk

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    Rejuvenating Thermal Tonic

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    Natural Rehydrating Neroli Water

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The Essentials Collection: a Skincare Must-Have

Embrace earth’s essential nutrients for glowing, vibrant skin. Kerstin Florian’s Essentials Collection for skin offers complete botanically-enriched facial systems designed to make a distinct difference in your skin’s well-being and appearance. More Powerful phyto-actives and essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and super-nutrients combine with advanced technology to nourish, protect and transform your skin.

Essentials Skincare products provide a simple foundation to begin and end each day with products that work synergistically to nourish and protect any skin type: Rejuvenating: for normal, dry and aging skin; Rehydrating for normal, dehydrated and sensitive skin; and Clarifying for combination and oily skin. Each regimen includes its own treatment products for ultimate benefits. Simply follow the four-step regimen to see beautiful results: Cleanse. Tone. Treat. Moisturize.

Finish what your skincare starts with a fifth step – Enhance – with Kerstin Florian Beauty, luminous facial cosmetics with proven skincare actives and benefits.

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