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Healthy Oils for your Best Body - Inside and Out

The secret to healthy, glowing, vibrant skin? Nourishing it from the inside out AND the outside in! Good-for-you-oils help achieve that coveted, youthful radiance we all seek, from lustrous hair to clear eyes and complexion. But not just any oils will do. There is so much conflicting information that it can be hard to choose. Are oils really good for you? Which ones are the best to use? What’s the best way to incorporate them into a healthy diet and good skincare regimen?Read More
Nutrition, Lifestyle

4 Immune-Boosting Tips for Your Healthiest Season Yet

While some of us tend to catch a cold or get the flu this time each year, lucky others seem to just sail on through with healthy, flying colors. We all know the basics of eating better, getting more sleep and consistent exercise, but how can you give your body that extra boost of protection to help secure your place in the latter group? Here are 4 simple lifestyle tips for strengthening your immune system so you can feel good, strong and healthy all season long!Read More
Spotlight on SPA

SPOTLIGHT ON SPA: Expert Skincare Tips

JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa Palm Desert, CA Kerstin Florian is proud to be partnered with the finest luxury, resort and day spas around the world. One such property? The beautifully-appointed JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa. A long-time partner, our founder herself was integral to designing its first full-service spa and retail center. To inaugurate our partner spotlight series, lead esthetician Cathy Cleary gives us an inside look at the spa and its services and shares her professional skincare tips for the ultimate in healthy beauty.Read More


4 Steps to Self-Tanning like a Pro

What says summer more than a sun-kissed glow? Achieve it safely and beautifully – no sun required! – with these simple tips using our award-winning sun and body products, each developed from our unique spa skincare point of view.Read More

5 Summer-Fit Skin & Body Tips

At Kerstin Florian, we promote a fit, healthy lifestyle year-round, but as we are based in sunny Southern California, summer holds a special place in our fitness-minded hearts! Longer days, warmer temperatures, and proximity to beaches and mountains alike beckon us outdoors to enjoy hikes, cycling, swimming – even outdoor yoga and meditation. Here are some ways to make the most of outdoor fitness pursuits this season…for fit bodies andfit skin.Read More

Honoring Dad: New Ways to Show Him You Care

Each year in June, we honor the special men in our lives who have parented, guided, provided and sacrificed for their families with some much deserved recognition on Father’s Day. Whether a first time dad, or one with a gaggle of grandchildren, it is important to take pause and show gratitude for all the love and life lessons they provide.Read More
Charlene's Blog

Global Wellness Day 2016: Say Yes With Us

Join us as we say YES to wellness this Global Wellness Day, June 11...and every day! Established in 2012 to encourage and embrace healthy living and the wellness lifestyle worldwide, Global Wellness Day (GWD) is even more dear to us this year as Global Wellness Day 2016 is dedicated to the legacy of our beloved Chief Creative Officer, Charlene Florian. Kerstin’s daughter and pillar of the wellness community, Charlene was an early supporter of GWD and a featured speaker at GWD in Turkey in 2013. Despite her recent passing, Charlene’s passion in promoting this message will live on through our efforts and those of local and international communities that are dedicated to happiness, health and living well.Read More

Sun Protection Starts with Your Beach Bag

Warm, sunny days almost beckon us to the waterside. Whether on the beach, lakeside or at the pool, there is something about the universal beauty of sunshine reflecting off waves, ripples and splashes, the perfect contrast of hot against cool.Read More

7 May Day Inspired Ways to Use Flowers for Wellness and Beauty

With April showers subsiding in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, May flowers are beginning to emerge. This beautiful shift in landscapes and gardens worldwide has long been cause to celebrate the first of May. After all, the history of May Day dates back to ancient Roman times with the festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers.Read More

Top Tips for This Spring’s Outdoor Music Festivals with the Perfect Trio of Award-Winning Products Stay Cool, Look Hot

Attending an outdoor event any time soon? The longer days and warmer weather of Spring have made it peak season for outdoor music festivals both large and small. Whether in the middle of the desert, or middle of a city, it’s important to stay hydrated, protected and as comfortable as possible. Your feet might end up tired, but a sunburn or dehydrated skin never have to make an appearance. Our curated trio of award-winning products will get you through the festival season, or any outdoor event, staying cool and looking hot.Read More


As we leap forward into the blossoming spring season with longer stretches of daylight and more sunshine, we experience renewed levels of energy and motivation – spring fever, if you will. Which, according to science, is real. Daylight, says Dr. Norman Rosenthal, director of Seasonal Studies at the National Institute of Mental Health, is measured by the eyes and then relayed to the brain’s pineal gland, which in turn regulates melatonin levels. As daylight increases, sleep-inducing melatonin decreases – resulting in increased energy, optimism, confidence and enthusiasm! This can bring on a desire to use that extra energy to refresh, to renew, to “clean house” – both our homes, and our spiritual/emotional/physical bodies. Many of us on the Kerstin Florian team here in Southern California are inspired to bring home fresh flowers like peony, freesia and agapanthus; increase our time outdoors, walking, hiking, and gardening; and start our days earlier, with yoga and possibly meditation. Seasonal fruits also herald the spring – roadside strawberry and cherry stands begin to appear, and kitchen bowls overflow with bright, juicy oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and lemons. Citrus fruits have so many inherent virtues, from nutrition and taste (of course!) to household uses. Lemons are a non-toxic way to give the kitchen a good cleaning from wiping down the oven, fridge, cutting boards and utensils with a lemon juice solution of baking soda and vinegar, all the while sipping water loaded with lemon slices to deliciously detoxify and boost antioxidants. Our skin needs special attention as seasons change too. More sunlight necessitates more sun protection; winter weather and dryness can leave skin’s surface dull and rough; and more rain and humidity mean cell turnover is even more important to keeping skin bright and healthy-looking. In your spring renewal routine, try applying our Correcting Intensive Renewal Glycolic 15 each night to refine skin, waking up brighter and more hydrated. And for a daily nutrient boost, our Correcting Serum C+ Infusion is a perfect addition this time of year. It contains a potent form of Vitamin C that is 50x more active than regular and clinically proven to enhance collagen synthesis and skin structure as it protects from free radical damage. Your skin will look and feels fresh, energized and radiant – a perfect match for when spring is in bloom! Springtime daylight and its energy inspire us to refresh our surroundings, our homes and our bodies, which in turn helps fuel a refreshed spirit and clear mind – what a wonderful way to embrace “spring cleaning.” Love, The Kerstin Florian Team

Charlene's Blog

Global Wellness Day Dedication

We are honored and moved by the following tribute from our friend in wellness and founder of Global Wellness Day, Belgin Aksoy. We hope it brings you the comfort and inspiration it has to us in the days since the passing of our beloved friend, family member and creative force, Charlene Florian.Read More
Charlene's Blog

With Heavy Hearts...

Dear Partners and Friends: It is with immense sadness that we inform you that Charlene Florian, Chief Creative Officer, Kerstin Florian International passed away this weekend peacefully surrounded by her family and close friends. She was a shining light within the industry, leading the path for a healthy, more natural lifestyle touching everyone she encountered with positivity, kindness and joy. A charismatic executive with the Kerstin Florian team, a source of inspiration and knowledge to our partners globally, Charlene was a force of positive energy who embodied the Kerstin Florian brand.Read More
Charlene's Blog


Berries. Plump. Succulent. Fresh. And so wonderfully healthy for us. My fondness for berries started when I was a child – in Sweden – in my grandmother’s garden. She grew everything – potatoes, herbs, several kinds of apples, goose berries, black and red currants, raspberries, the most gorgeous roses, and so much more. My favorite were smultron, tiny wild strawberries, which my grandmother planted all over her garden. It was like an Easter egg hunt every morning, as I raced out to see which had ripened. Raspberries grew along a hedge at the back of the garden, and I remember, one year, taking my cereal bowl, feeling like I was in a sea of plump red juicy raspberries. They were everywhere. It brought me such joy – picking the juicy berries and eating half of them, and later watching a tiny black bug crawl from the bowl. I didn’t care. I was one with it all.Read More
Charlene's Blog

Say Yes to Wellness

The excitement of summer is in the air at Kerstin Florian headquarters. That’s because of the energy, enthusiasm, and ‘magic’ we feel as we’ve been counting down to Global Wellness Day, June 13, 2015, a social movement without any commercial purpose that was started by my beautiful Turkish friend, Belgin Aksoy.Read More
Charlene's Blog

Forest Bathing: More Than a Walk in the Woods

Happy New Year! I am recently back from the most beautiful New Year’s Eve wedding on a cliff in Malibu, California. Pure magic and completely inspiring. It set the tone for 2016. Reflecting on all of the festivities of the holiday season in California, my mind sojourns to holidays spent in Sweden, where amidst crackling fires and candle light, I always make time for a walk in the forest. I love long walks in winter – the sounds of snow crunching, the crisp air and light peeking through towering birches and pine is simply spectacular.Read More
Charlene's Blog


There’s something about December. Something magical. Beautiful. Connective. Something that, amidst the chaos and pressure of the holidays (to consume, indulge, arrange, prepare), brings us back to ourselves, our family and our surroundings. In the most of beautiful ways.Read More
Charlene's Blog

In Gratitude and Thanksgiving

November – despite its characteristic gray skies and bare trees in many parts of the United States – has always held a special place in my heart. It’s a month of gratitude, inner reflection, and thanksgiving – officially marked by the gathering of families and friends to feast and pay homage to the bounty in our lives.Read More
Charlene's Blog

Acne, Not Just For Teens

The scenario is all too familiar. A young, 20-,30-, even 40- something-woman – starting out in her career, marriage, motherhood role – experiences breakouts. Her skin hasn’t been this congested since she was a teen. Or maybe ever. And she’s perplexed.Read More
Charlene's Blog

Staying Hydrated – Inside And Out

Years ago, a dear friend of mine, an actor, revealed his formula for hydration. Working long hours, under bright stage lights, he learned early in his career to hydrate – drink lots and lots of water. It’s a ritual all of us, regardless of our profession, should do.Read More
Charlene's Blog

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Staying Healthy on the Road

With the color-burst of 4th of July fireworks over the East River (New York), San Francisco Bay (California) and every small Americana town in-between, summer here is officially underway. And with it, vacation season – which doesn’t have to mean unhealthy indulgences. Whether traveling by plane or train; checking into a five-star hotel or the cot in grandma’s spare attic room, there are ways to keep your mind, skin, body and spirit healthy while on the road. Some of my favorite travel must-bring, must-do, wellness-on-the-road tips:Read More

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